Thursday, February 21, 2013

Missouri Girl in a Navy World:The Beginning

I have been thinking about starting a blog (actually two) for quite some time.  I thought there is no better day to launch than on the 5 year anniversary of my husband and I’s first date, mostly because there is no better place to start but from the beginning. Five years ago in a far far away in a land call Missouri…. Just kidding.

 This story is best told by answering a question that I heard a lot five years ago.  “How do you meet a Navy man in Missouri?!”   That answer is simpler than you might think.  Shore Duty! My Sailor was stationed at the ROTC unit at the University of Missouri, and working on his Graduate Degree.  We were in the same program and both part-time students.  In our program part-time was a more than a little outside the norm.   So, when I found out there was another part-time student I had to meet him.  I had very little intel other than he was in my Stat class and he was in the military.  Okay, I’m honest that is actually a lot of information the uniform is a dead giveaway and I saw him in uniform at a department seminar before classes started. So, it was pretty easy to figure out who he was.  The next day in Stats I struck up a conversation about the presentation; I guess I picked a good topic because I barely got another word in before class started.  Luckily for him that didn’t scare me off.  It took him a month of classes and walking me to my car to finally ask me to dinner. That was five years ago today!

  The journey since then has not been easy but it has been an adventurous one that I wouldn’t change.  You might think that five years is not very long but in the Navy World it can feel like a life time.  Consider this in that time we have lived in 3 states, changed orders 4 times, both earned Master’s Degrees,  moved half way across the country by myself with a dog and 3 birds, and traveled to more places than I can count, I started working from home and this is not even begun to cover all our adventures.  I am sure any military spouse would agree 5 years adds up to at least 10 or more in the civilian world.  My sailor has put it a few other more colorful ways; well let’s not start down that road.

Don’t worry this is not going to be a chronicle of every tiny detail of my life nor is it a Navy bashing party (If you are looking for Navy bashing you will have to find it somewhere else.  I may talk about a situation being less than ideal, this life comes with sacrifices and I knew that from the beginning).   As with most things in my life this blog will adapt over time but the goal is to share things that I love or and experiences that may help others.  You will defiantly see some food, some travel and some posts on Navy life.  

Comments: everyone has an opinion and some of the things I will talk about people will probably have some strong feelings about.  Please, be respectful of others.  I reserve the right to delete comments, the military life comes with enough drama and stress I don’t need any more. 

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